Plogging Episodes

The club provides a platform for jogging off body wastes and ridding the environment of material wastes through organised activities called ‘Plogging Episodes’. These episodes are held fortnightly and are varied with other body movement exercises other than jogging and picking litters. So far, we have held over 390 episodes cleaning over 15,000 bags of indiscriminately disposed wastes in our places of operation.


Plogging Nigeria organises and collaborates with other organisations for cleanup campaigns. Having organised major campus cleanups with the foremost in University of Nigeria Nsukka recording over 500 participants with over 700 bags of wastes cleaned, we have also partnered with Africa Cleanup Initiative for their Green Independence Cleanup in 2018 and 2019 to commemorate Nigeria’s 58th and 59th independence respectively. We have also worked with religious organisations in Osun and Ondo State to organise community outreach cleanup exercises. Another cleanup led to launch of our first community club in Ajah, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Our most recent cleanup on #WorldCleanupDay2022 (September 17) involved 21 cleanups around Nigeria. Here are our estimated numbers from the #WorldCleanupDay – 21 locations in 13 states, over 450 participants, over 600 bags of wastes weighing over 2 tonnes (2000kg) collected, over 45 hours spent cleaning and over 40 kilometers covered.


We consult on sustainable waste management practices and are active in the business of contracted waste collection and disposal.

Upcycling & Recycling

Plogging Nigeria through her clubs have collected over 170,000 PET bottles which have been recycled in working relationships with local recycling firms. We also temporally organise Upcycling workshops for our members and other enthusiasts on simple processes of converting/repurposing deemed wastes for new and improved use.

Social Media Advocacy

We are constantly churning out contents through our social media channels towards educating and enlightening our online audience on how to contribute to environmental sustainability and further actualisation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Other Environmental / Sustainability Programmes

We generally work with organisations in the business of promoting environmental sustainability to increase awareness amongst people and model sustainability in everyday living. We have collaborated with over 60 organisations since we launched on 2nd of June, 2018.